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Welcome to HocusPocusCreative.com

I founded DeadMan Productions LLC in 2001, while I was still in college. Through the years I have worked on many interesting projects, had the pleasure to work for incredible clients, and developed a portfolio of designs, videos, and illustrations of which I am extremely proud.

DeadMan Productions LLCThis summer I decided to expand my business.

As part of that expansion, I made a name change. DeadMan Productions has served me well, as I’ve always enjoyed working on “edgy” projects. However, the name can be limiting at times. Some people love the name, others hate it. Couple that with the fact that I don’t have a good story behind it (DeadMan sprang out of artwork I was doing in college), and thus the change to Hocus Pocus Creative.


Hocus Pocus is more fun and marketable, while retaining a little bit of that DeadMan edge.


So, what happens to DeadMan? My root business still uses the name (and likely always will). DeadMan will transition into more of a place for me to showcase my personal artwork, while Hocus Pocus will be my avenue to provide even better and more varied solutions for my clients.


This is an exciting time for my business and me. To my current clients, I’d like to say thank you for bringing me all of your cool projects over the years, I continue to enjoy working with you. To any new clients looking for help with their creative projects, I look forward to helping you with all of your design and production needs.


-Joey Hall


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